AWS Graviton Weekly # 38

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Issue # 38: May 19th, 2023 to May 26th, 2023

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Welcome to Issue # 38 of AWS Graviton Weekly, which will be focused on sharing everything that happened in the past week related to AWS Silicon: from May 19th, 2023 to May 26th, 2023.

The recommended resources for this week?

  • The Part II of the series dedicated to .NET Workflows for arm64 with Amazon CodeCatalyst
  • Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro now support Kubernetes version 1.27
  • EC2 C7g instances are now available in Singapore
  • The incredible conversation among Arthur Petitpierre, Rahul Subramaniam and Stephen Barr about Graviton instances, Porting code to Graviton tips and much more

Enjoy the content of this week

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Amazon EC2 C7g instances are now available in additional regions

Starting today, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) C7g instances are available in AWS Region Asia Pacific (Singapore). C7g instances are powered by AWS Graviton3 processors and built on the AWS Nitro System. AWS Graviton3 processors provide up to 25% better compute performance compared to AWS Graviton2 processors. The AWS Nitro System is a collection of AWS designed hardware and software innovations that deliver efficient, flexible, and secure cloud services with isolated multi-tenancy, private networking, and fast local storage. C7g instances are built for workloads including batch processing, ad serving, video encoding, gaming, scientific modelling, data analytics, and CPU-based artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) inference.

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Amazon EC2 C6i and M6i instances are now available in AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)

Starting today, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) C6i and M6i instances are available in AWS Region Asia Pacific (Hyderabad). These instances are built on AWS Nitro System, a collection of AWS designed hardware and software innovations that enables the delivery of efficient, flexible, and secure cloud services with isolated multi-tenancy, private networking, and fast local storage.
Amazon EC2 C6i and M6i instances are powered by 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code named Ice Lake) with an all-core turbo frequency of 3.5 GHz. They offer up to 50 Gbps of network bandwidth and up to 40 Gbps of bandwidth to the Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)

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Amazon EC2 X2idn and X2iedn instances now available in (Hyderabad) region

Starting today, memory optimized Amazon Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) X2idn and X2iedn instances are available in Asia Pacific South (Hyderabad) region. These instances, powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and built with AWS Nitro System, are designed for memory-intensive workloads. They deliver improvements in performance, price performance, and cost per GiB of memory compared to previous generation X1 instances. These instances are SAP-certified for running Business Suite on HANA, SAP S/4HANA, Data Mart Solutions on HANA, Business Warehouse on HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP NetWeaver workloads on any database.

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Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro now support Kubernetes version 1.27

Kubernetes 1.27 introduced several new features and bug fixes, and AWS is excited to announce that you can now use Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro to run Kubernetes version 1.27. Starting today, you can create new 1.27 clusters or upgrade your existing clusters to 1.27 using the Amazon EKS console, the eksctl command line interface, or through an infrastructure-as-code tool.
This release of Kubernetes 1.27 includes stable support for Seccomp Profile defaulting and scheduling improvements such ability to control when a pod is ready to be considered for scheduling using Pod Scheduling Readiness and allowing custom queue controllers to influence pod placement for suspended jobs.
As a reminder, Kubernetes 1.27 will not be published on the old image registry, to use the latest Kubernetes images and patch releases, you will need to use image registry. For detailed information on major changes in Kubernetes 1.27, see the Amazon EKS blog post and the Kubernetes project release notes.

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AWS Compute Optimizer supports external performance metrics in 5 new regions

AWS Compute Optimizer now supports external performance metrics from 4 observability partners: Datadog, Dynatrace, Instana, and New Relic in 5 additional regions - Asia Pacific (Osaka), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Middle East (Bahrain), Africa (Cape Town), and Europe (Milan).

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NET Workflows for arm64 with Amazon CodeCatalyst: Part 2, by Kirk Davis (Principal Solutions Architect for Microsoft Workloads at AWS)

In Part 1 of this blog post, I showed how to modify the .NET serverless application blueprint to build, test and deploy using arm64 compute in Amazon CodeCatalyst.
In Part 2, I’ll show you how to use CodeCatalyst to create a workflow using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to build, test and deploy an ASP.NET Core application as a load-balanced containerized service in Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) using AWS Fargate on arm64.
Read Part 1 for details on using arm64 for .NET, and for tools to modernize legacy .NET Framework applications to modern cross-platform .NET.

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Understanding spot pricing trends for a resilient and cost-efficient cloud, by Zak Harabedian (Product Architect - Spot by Netapp)

Graviton instances have been consistently growing within the AWS ecosystem and presently have at least 13 different families. If you add in all of those instance families and sizes into your allow list, that gives Ocean more than 100 additional spot markets to constantly assess and launch into while simultaneously factoring in the hundreds of x86 markets. This becomes one of the best ways to make sure our autoscaler can track down the highest spot discounts as possible.

Learn more:

An introduction to performance measurement, analysis and optimisation on AWS EC2 Graviton-based instances, by Arthur Petitepierre (Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS)

When adopting AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances, a best practice is to measure the performance of your applications before and after the migration to ensure that you are getting the best out of the new processors. During this session, we'll cover the AWS Graviton processors architecture, explain the influence it has on application performance, and how to measure and analyse the performance of your applications.

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[Livstream] AWS Made Easy Livestream - Ep 50 - Graviton special with Arthur Petitepierre

A highly recommended conversation where Arthur shared a lot of great tips about how to port code to Graviton, how to do actual peformance tests with Graviton, and much more.

[VIDEO] AWS Partner Shorts | E1 | SoftServe, Inc with Stephanie Gooch (AWS), Ruslan Kusov (SoftServe) and Jarosław Grząbel (SoftServe)

These are a new series of videos dedicated to highlight some AWS partners, especially in the Cost Optimization side of AWS. This one in particular was to highlight a solution from SoftServe called Cloud Costs Optimization Accelerator.

You can watch this other video if you want to learn more about it

[VIDEO] Automated Digital Operations Utilizing the Power of the Cloud – AWS and Mavenir

Mavenir’s Bejoy Pankajakshan joins an Amazon Web Services panel to discuss the role that cloud plays in enabling a software driven approach and helping telecom operators reimagine how they create automated digital operations. Looking into examples, such as DISH in the US, Bejoy introduces Mavenir’s journey to leverage AWS to realize their vision to productize running network workloads for CSPs in the public cloud with the tools AWS provides, covering every generation of mobile networks. These deployments also look to leverage AWS Graviton architecture for maximum efficiency running these workloads and use AWS zero touch automation framework support. In addition, AWS Telco Network Builder APIs can support Mavenir in operating these solutions seamlessly for their customers.

Panel Participants:

[VIDEO] AWS On Air ft. Introducing Amazon Aurora I/O Optimized

Amazon Aurora I/O-Optimized is a new cluster configuration for Amazon Aurora that delivers improved price performance for I/O-intensive applications. If your I/O spend exceeds 25% of your total Aurora database spend, Aurora I/O-Optimized provides up to 40% costs savings. With Aurora I/O-Optimized, you only pay for your database instances and storage usage, and there are zero charges for read and write I/O operations. Aurora I/O-Optimized offers predictable pricing for all applications regardless of evolving data access patterns or I/O usage. Aurora I/O-Optimized eliminates variability in I/O spend.


  • Jillian Forde (Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Nitesh Mehta (Senior Product Manager, Technical at AWS)
  • Cydney Stude (AWS Service Engineering Consultant at AWS)
  • Brian Gauci (ASL Interpreter Specialist at Amazon)



Graviton Essentials - Developer Day

Wednesday, May 31 2023 | 8:30AM - 5:00PM PDTAmazon SJC18, 2100 University Avenue, East Palo Alto, CA94303

About the event

AWS presents the Graviton Essentials Developer Day. Graviton Essentials Developer Day is a free in-person immersion event where AWS Graviton experts deliver technically-focused Graviton-based Amazon EC2 training. This full-day event helps attendees learn best practices to accelerate migration and development of their workloads on Graviton-based instances. Attendees can expect to leave Graviton Essentials Developer Day feeling confident they will know how to achieve performance gains and cost reductions from using Graviton-based instances. Sessions will cover topics such as Introduction to Graviton, programming language and focused deep dives, testing and optimization techniques, and workload deployments. Space is limited, so sign up today.

Presenters & Hosts

AWS Graviton Specialist Solution Architects

About Graviton: AWS Graviton processors are custom Arm-based processors designed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Graviton-based instances deliver up to 20% lower cost, up to 40% better price performance, and up to 60% less energy consumption than comparable x86-based instances. With Graviton-based instances, you can:

1. Increase and scale your application performance to enhance your customer experience

2. Reduce your operational cost
3. Support running workloads sustainably in the cloud

Who should attend

  • Software Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Platform Engineers

What to expect

  • Introduction to Graviton
  • Programming language & focused deep dives
  • Testing & optimization techniques
  • Workload deployments
  • Hands-on working sessions
  • Interaction with AWS Graviton SMEs
  • Light breakfast, lunch, and happy hour


  • Participants need to supply their own laptop and power supply
  • Some coding knowledge

No prior Graviton experience is necessary

AWS Migration Meetup: June 7, 4 PM CEST | Online

Join Migration Meetup by N-iX on June 7th to discuss cases about migration and data engineering on AWS for business growth!

We’ll deep dive into how the Migration Acceleration Program helps organizations achieving their business goals and how to start the migration journey! And focus on AWS tools and services you need to easily collect, store, process, and analyze data in real-time, enabling you to make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Free online event.

All Talks will be in English


From the ARM Ecosystem

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Marcos Ortiz

I'm a Data Engineer by day at Riot Games (via X-Team ) and by night, I curate the last news/product announcements/resources about AWS Silicon (Graviton, AWS Nitro, Inferentia, and Trainium).

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