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AWS Graviton Weekly # 30: CodeBuild supports Arm-based workloads in 5 more AWS Regions, how to use CAST.AI to save big with EKS, and much more

Published about 1 year ago • 10 min read

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Issue # 30: March 24th, 2023 to March 31st, 2023

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Welcome to Issue # 30 of AWS Graviton Weekly, which will be focused on sharing everything that happened in the past week related to AWS Silicon: from March 24th, 2023 to March, 31st, 2023.

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AWS CodeBuild supports Arm-based workloads in five additional AWS Regions

AWS CodeBuild’s support for Arm using AWS Graviton2 is now available in: Europe (Milan), Middle East (Bahrain), Asia Pacific (Osaka), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and Asia Pacific (Jakarta).
In February 2021, CodeBuild launched an update for native Arm builds to use the second generation of AWS Graviton processors. Support for Graviton2 allows customers to build and test on Arm without the need to emulate or cross-compile. Now, with additional regions, more CodeBuild customers targeting Arm benefit from the capabilities of AWS Graviton2 processors.

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Amazon RDS Custom now supports new General Purpose gp3 storage volumes

Today, AWS announced the availability of next-generation General Purpose gp3 storage volumes for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Custom for Oracle and Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server.
Amazon RDS gp3 volumes give you the flexibility to provision storage performance independently of storage capacity, paying only for the resources you need. You can choose gp3 storage type for your Amazon RDS Custom database instance with the ability to select from 40 GiB to 64 TiB (20 GiB to 16 TiB for Amazon RDS Custom SQL Server) of storage capacity, with a baseline storage performance of 12,000 IOPS (3,000 IOPS for Amazon RDS Custom SQL Server) included with the price of storage. For workloads that need even more performance, you can scale up to 64,000 IOPS (16,000 IOPS for Amazon RDS Custom SQL Server) for an additional cost.

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Amazon EC2 R5b instances are now available in additional regions

Starting today, Amazon EC2 R5b instances, are now available in two new AWS Regions - Europe(Milan), and Europe(Stockholm). R5b instances are powered by the AWS Nitro system and and provide EBS-Optimized performance, enabling customers to lift and shift memory intensive applications to AWS.
R5b instances make 60 Gbps EBS bandwidth available to storage performance-bound workloads without requiring customers to use custom drivers or recompile applications. Customers can take advantage of this improved EBS performance to accelerate data transfer to and from Amazon EBS, reducing the data ingestion time for applications and speeding up delivery of results.
With R5b on EBS, customers have access to high performance scalable, durable, and highly available block storage. R5b instances are ideal for large relational database workloads such as OracleDB, SQL server, Postgres and MySQL to run applications like commerce platforms, ERP systems, and health record systems. R5b instances are also certified for production SAP workloads including SAP NetWeaver based applications and the in-memory SAP HANA database.

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EC2 Image Builder adds real-time build tracking and improves build speeds for image pipelines

Customers can now track the current build status and image build steps for their image pipelines directly in EC2 Image Builder. This capability makes it easier for you to track image builds and troubleshoot build failures. This release also consolidates logs making it easier for you to audit and review builds. Additionally, workflow optimizations provide faster image builds, with internal tests showing up to 35% build speed improvements.
All your image build logs are consolidated in the workflow section in the EC2 Image Builder Console. With this launch, you can access detailed step-by-step image build logs for your custom images in the EC2 Image Builder account. You can also use the AWS CLI, API, and CDK to monitor the progress of your image creation process.

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Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS supports RDS for PostgreSQL

Amazon DevOps Guru for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) now supports Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. With this capability, you can resolve RDS for PostgreSQL related performance bottlenecks in minutes rather than days. DevOps Guru for RDS for RDS PostgreSQL supports both reactive insights, anomalous behavior that has already occurred, as well as proactive insights, informing you of impending database performance and availability issues before they become critical.
Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS is a Machine Learning (ML) powered capability for Amazon RDS that automatically detects and diagnoses database performance and operational issues. DevOps Guru for RDS is a feature of DevOps Guru, which detects operational and performance related issues for Amazon RDS engines and dozens of other resource types. DevOps Guru for RDS expands upon the existing capabilities of DevOps Guru to detect, diagnose, and provide remediation recommendations for a wide variety of database-related performance issues, such as resource over-utilization and misbehavior of SQL queries. When an issue occurs, DevOps Guru for RDS immediately notifies developers and DevOps engineers and provides diagnostic information, details on the extent of the problem, and intelligent remediation recommendations to help customers quickly resolve the issue.

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Using AWS Lambda SnapStart with infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipelines, by Michele Ricciardi, Specialist Solutions Architect, DevAx

This blog post shows the steps needed to leverage Lambda SnapStart, with examples for AWS CloudFormation, AWS SAM, and Terraform.
When you use the feature, there are additional steps that Lambda performs during the deployment. Lambda initializes a new Lambda version with the new code and takes a snapshot. This operation takes time and may fail if the code initialization fails, therefore you may need to make adjustments to your CI/CD pipeline to handle those scenarios.

Learn more:

Amazon Compute Optimizer supports Amazon Graviton Migration Guide, by Letian Feng, Principal Product Manager, Amazon Compute Optimizer, and Steve Cole, Senior Expert Solutions Architect, EC2 Spot.

Compute Optimizer Graviton recommendations are now available for free in the Amazon Cloud Technology China (Beijing) region operated by Sinnet and the Amazon Cloud Technology China (Ningxia) region operated by NWCD

Learn more:

AWS Graviton for Kubernetes

A very short but interesting article explaining what you need to know before using AWS Graviton for Kubernetes. Highly recommended if you are using Kubernetes today with Graviton, or you are planning to do it.

PostgreSQL 15 on CentOS7.9 with support by Fleximg - AWS ARM Graviton by Fleimg

This is a repackaged open source software product wherein additional charges apply for support and maintenance by Fleximg.PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object-relational database management system.

The price performance of AWS Graviton is 40% higher than that of x86.
Compared with the x86 based instances of the 5th generation of Amazon Cloud Technology, the general abrupt (T4g), general (M6g), computing optimized (C6g), memory optimized (R6g, X2gd), Nitro SSD storage optimized (Im4gn, Is4gen), and GPU accelerated (G5g) models based on Amazon Cloud Technology Graviton2 provide up to 40% price performance improvement for a wide range of workloads.
The latest Graviton3 currently offers C7g series instances. Compared with Graviton2, the computing performance of Graviton3 processor is improved by 25%, the floating point performance is improved by 2 times, and the encryption workload performance is improved by 2 times.

The performance of M6g.xlarge/M6g.4xlarge is 10% better than that of m5.xlarge/m5.4xlarge and 27% cheaper. M6g.16xlarge has the same performance as m5.24xlarge, but it is 46% cheaper.

Learn more:


[VIDEO] ZKTour of AWS NextLevel Demo Hall at MWC23, with Zeus Kerravala (Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research)

In this #ZKTour, I take tour of the Amazon Web Services Next Level Experience are at Mobile World Congress 2023. At MWC23, AWS created a set of demos where customers could discover the next level of communications and interact with innovative demonstrations.
In Next Level, Communication Service Providers can see what's possible by harnessing the AWS platform and what use cases can be created by 5G enabling and digitizing different industries.

Learn more:

[WEBINAR] Modernize and Optimize by Containerizing .NET applications on AWS, with Nidhi Gupta, Aditi Sharma, Tom Moore, Ashish Bathia, Eyal Gutkind and Runeet Vashisht

Many .NET applications that are critical to daily operations may be operating on outdated versions of .NET that are no longer receiving updates. How do you upgrade and cost optimize these applications when your developers do not have access to the source code? The AWS team will demonstrate how you can enhance the security of these legacy applications through modernization to containers, updating to a modern .NET framework, and running them on the latest versions of Windows in this session.

[PODCAST] How CAST.AI works, with Pablo Fredrikson (aka Pelado Nerd on YouTube), Anthony Velasco (Technical Support Engineer at CAST.AI) and Leon Kuperman (CTO at CAST.AI)

This is a very interesting conversation among Pablo, Anthony and Leon because they explained to Pablo how to use the power of CAST.AI to save thousands of dollars in Amazon EKS billing.

Learn more:


If you are looking for amazing people to be part of your company, inside our Talent Collective, you will find a lot of great people. Check it out here


[Virtual Event] Accelerate SaaS revenue and improve price-performance with AWS Graviton

Thursday, March 30 2023 | 9:00AM - 11:00AM PDT

AWS Container Services, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), and AWS Fargate, streamline the deployment and management of software applications on AWS. This leads to a significant reduction in operational workload during the development, testing, and large-scale deployment of enterprise software products.

Additionally, these services fully support the use of AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances, which enables customers to benefit from the cost savings associated with Graviton instances. Graviton offers the best price performance of all EC2 instances, so you can accelerate growth while you improve operating margins.

Join us to learn how customers have realized price-performance improvements by switching to AWS Graviton for their container workloads. We will share best-practices and considerations when moving workloads to AWS Graviton


[WEBINAR] Pay Less for AWS: 3 pain-free Ways to Save More Now

April 6, 10-11am CT

Ready to transform AWS cost optimization at your organization?
Join Rahul Subramaniam, founder of CloudFix and host of AWS Insiders, the #1 podcast for AWS practitioners, to learn the top 3 ways you can start saving more on AWS almost instantly.
Rahul & team will take a deep dive into AWS cost savings, with techniques and strategies that will help you:
Align FinOps and Engineering to cut costs quickly. Engineers know they need to save money — they just don’t have the time to figure out how. You’ll learn what data can help, how to share it, and the right tools to empower FinOps and Engineering to work together to optimize costs.
Achieve quick wins today and ongoing savings, month after month. Cutting AWS costs can feel like a major project with no end in sight. Learn how to go after the easy, immediate, AWS-recommended savings you can bank today, so you reliably save 10% or more every month, forever.
Automate cost savings based on recommendations from AWS. The FinOps Foundation reports that most organizations are planning to automate cost savings, but they don’t know the best way to get started. Learn how to start automating cost savings today based on recommendations from AWS themselves.
Plus, you’ll see a live demo of CloudFix, the game-changing new product that automatically finds and implements opportunities for AWS cost optimization.


[Richmond Cloud Wranglers Meetup] Maximizing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness with AWS Graviton

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 5:30 PM to Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

In this presentation, Lane Jennison, Distinguished Cloud / DevOps Engineer at Ippon Technologies USA, will demystify ARM computing in the cloud and focus on the opportunities available with AWS Graviton!

The session will provide executive-level and engineering-level explanations on how ARM has evolved to a server-class architecture, how the cost benefits are tangible, the performance parity graviton provides, and the practical paths your organization can refactor workloads to take advantage of this next era of cloud computing.

This talk is ideal for cloud architects, developers, and IT professionals who want to learn more about AWS Graviton and how it can help them optimize their cloud workloads.

AWS at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 24 1078 GZ Amsterdam Nederland

April 18th - April 21st, 2023, 9am - 6pm CEST

Future proof your Kubernetes cluster for cost optimization

Cost optimization is a common priority. In this session, learn about the many factors that can increase costs in your Kubernetes usage beyond compute, such as compute efficiencies at the node and pod level, scaling parameters, networking cost, multi-architecture image creation, security posture, and more. Discover how to change your application components and migrate from x86-based instances to AWS Graviton to achieve cost efficiency at higher performance. Also, learn how to use open-source tools and AWS services to optimize these costs and make your Kubernetes cluster more resilient to economic instability.


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