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AWS Graviton Weekly # 25: Amazon Corretto Crypto Provider 2.0.0 released for Graviton based instances.

Published over 1 year ago • 5 min read

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Issue # 25: February 17th, 2023 to February 24th, 2023

Hey Reader

Welcome to Issue # 25 of AWS Graviton Weekly, which will be focused on sharing everything that happened in the past week related to AWS Silicon: from February 17th, 2023 to February 24th, 2023.

This week we had a very interesting announcement that I missed from the last one: Amazon Corretto Crypto Provider 2.0.0, with amazing optimizations for Graviton 2 and 3 processors.

You can read the release notes discussion on Github.

And don't forget to read the Porting Advisor for Graviton article about it.


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AWS releases open-source software Palace for cloud-based electromagnetics simulations of quantum computing hardware

Today, we are introducing Palace, for PArallel, LArge-scale Computational Electromagnetics, a parallel finite element code for full-wave electromagnetics simulations.
Palace is used at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing to perform large-scale 3D simulations of complex electromagnetics models and enable the design of quantum computing hardware. We developed it with support for the scalability and elasticity of the cloud in mind and to leverage the cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) products and services available on AWS.

Learn more here:

DOCOMO and NEC Complete Designing Carrier-grade, Hybrid Cloud, Redundant 5G SA Core Leveraging AWS, along with Successful Onboarding and Testing of 5G User Plane for Edge

NTT DOCOMO, INC. and NEC Corporation today announced their completion of a high-level carrier-grade redundancy design for a 5G core network (5GC) hybrid-cloud environment leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DOCOMO's on-premises network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure. The design will allow DOCOMO to switch between DOCOMO's on-premises NFV and AWS infrastructure for 5GC redundancy operations, offering a more flexible and cost-effect means to manage network performance and capacity.

Learn more here:

Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro now support Kubernetes version 1.25

Kubernetes 1.25 introduced several new features and bug fixes, and AWS is excited to announce that you can now use Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro to run Kubernetes version 1.25. Starting today, you can create new 1.25 clusters or upgrade your existing clusters to 1.25 using the Amazon EKS console, the eksctl command line interface, or through an infrastructure-as-code tool.

Learn more here:

Amazon EC2 Hpc6id instances are now available in additional regions

Starting today, Amazon EC2 Hpc6id instances are available in additional AWS Region Europe (Stockholm). These instances are optimized to efficiently run memory bandwidth-bound, data-intensive high performance computing (HPC) workloads, such as finite element analysis and seismic reservoir simulations. With EC2 Hpc6id instances, you can lower the cost of your HPC workloads while taking advantage of the elasticity and scalability of AWS.

Learn more here:

Amazon EC2 C6in, M6in, M6idn, R6in, and R6idn instances are now available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Singapore) and AWS GovCloud (US-West)

Starting today, Amazon Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) C6in, M6in, M6idn, R6in, and R6idn instances are available in Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and AWS GovCloud (US-West) regions. These instances are powered by 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with an all-core turbo frequency of up to 3.5 GHz. They are the first x86-based Amazon EC2 instances to offer up to 200 Gbps network bandwidth, and 2x higher packet performance over comparable fifth-generation instances.

Learn more here:

Articles and Tutorials

Using Porting Advisor for Graviton, by Ryan Doty (Solution Architect at AWS) and Vishal Manan (Sr. SSA, EC2 Graviton , AWS.)

If you were waiting for the perfect guide to use Porting Advisor for Graviton, this is it

Learn more here:

Migration process of MongoDB from x86 intel to ARM based

It seems that the MongoDB team is working hard to bring support for all the creators in the platform.

Learn more:

AWS Cost Optimization, by Mayank Patel (Platform Staff Architect at Enverus)

AWS has built a framework called Well-Architected Framework for Builders like us. Which is built upon 6 Pillars and Cost Optimization is one of the pillars. Cost optimization can free up resources that can be leveraged to scale systems that are needed cost-effectively.

Amazon EC2 names explained, by Justin Garrison (Senior Developer Advocate at AWS)

Developing portable AWS Lambda functions, by Uri Segev (Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Slides, Videos and Audio

[VIDEO] AWS This Week: VPC Resource Map, new Graviton3 instance types & enhanced I/O multiplexing with Faye Ellis (Principal AWS Training Architect at A Cloud Guru)

Faye is back with your AWS news! In AWS announcements this week, the launch of the new VPC Resource Map helps to visualize your VPC architecture. ElastiCache for Redis 7 now includes enhanced I/O multiplexing for faster read and write operations, and Amazon has released the first Graviton3 based instance types!

[VIDEO] AWS Supports You | Reducing Costs and Improving Performance with Amazon DocumentDB

AWS Supports You: Reducing Costs and Improving Performance with Amazon DocumentDB gives viewers on our channel an overview to Amazon DocumentDB, . This episode originally aired on February 22nd, 2023.


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Quote of the week

“We were able to get 50% cost savings compared to our on-premises systems by running our data intensive satellite imagery processing application on AWS Graviton2-based R6g instances due to their superior performance.
Adopting AWS Graviton2 required no code changes and the price performance benefits will now enable regular updates and quick turnaround on future product enhancements.”

Peter Scarth (Principal Research Scientist at Cibo Labs)

Source: Amazon


Marcos Ortiz

I'm a Data Engineer by day at Riot Games (via X-Team ) and by night, I curate the last news/product announcements/resources about AWS Silicon (Graviton, AWS Nitro, Inferentia, and Trainium).

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